The 49ers’ Tarrell Brown does not have Internet security expert in his post-NFL future after he accidentally posted a password to the league’s Player Discipline Department’s website through his Twitter account.

Brown was fined $5,295 by the NFL for violating the league’s uniform and equipment rules because he wore a long-sleeved red shirt under his 49ers uniform.

The team’s “designated undergarment color is white,” according to the fine notice given to Brown, which he posted on his since-deleted Twitter account. 49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco saved a picture of the letter, which you can view here, on his Instagram account.

Brown has the option of appealing the fine, according to the letter, which goes on to give the login and PIN number for the NFL Player Discipline Department’s website.

The 49ers cornerback forgot to redact the sensitive information when he shared the letter with his Twitter followers.

While the password no longer works, Tom Ley at Deadspin was able to access the website and posted a screenshot with directions for the 49ers quarterback to follow.

Ley also posted the call-in number to Merton Hanks, a former 49er who will be hearing Brown’s appeal.

“So, if you want to add your own two cents to Brown's appeal, or if you just want to say hi to Merton Hanks, you can go ahead and do that,” Ley wrote.

Most likely, the NFL will change the number as it did the password on the website.

The $5,295 fine handed down to Brown was viewed as excessive by most Twitter users who commented on the subject.

“Tarrell Brown's sleeves match his uniform. These uniforms rules the NFL have are ridiculous. FIX THE REFEREE ISSUE FIRST !!” exclaimed Ron Lord, referring to the league using replacement referees.

Ryan Draper said, “[T]arrell brown gets find 5 grand for wearing red sleeves? what a joke! i'm glad thats what's important to ya goodell,” referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Tarrell Brown of the 49ers fined $5000+ by NFL for wearing a red undershirt instead of a white one…good to know where their priorities are,” wrote Nick Uremovich.

“Replacement refs? Not a problem. The color of your sleeves? HUGE problem. Priorities!” said JP Kirby.