Facebook Messenger just got more fun. At Facebook's F8 developers conference Wednesday, the company unveiled a set of third-party apps that allows users to more easily and creatively express themselves. 

Now inside a conversation on the Messenger app, you will see a set of three dots on the bottom below the "Type a message" bar. Tap the dots, and you'll pull up a list of more than 40 apps Facebook has already partnered with its new platform. With the release of a software developer kit for Messenger, there will soon be more.

Essentially, Facebook has made it easier for us to engage in GIF battles, send more stickers and emoji and create unique messages. Here are five of the most ridiculous and fun new apps you can start using now: 

JibJab: GIF Yourself

JibJab app

Mark Zuckerberg turned himself into a GIF and shared it through Messenger during his Facebook keynote Wednesday, and now you can too with JibJab. This feature is brought to you by the same company that lets you make those animated holiday cards with you and your friends’ faces on dancing elves or penguins.  

“It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s easy,” Zuckerberg said at his keynote.

Either select a photo from your phone’s library or snap one from the app, crop your face and then choose from dozens of premade video montages. Downloading the app and sending your creations are free as of its update in late 2014. 

Bitmoji: Make Personal Emoji

Bitmoji Bitmoji app Photo: Bitstrips Inc.

Love emoji, but wish they looked more like you? The site Bitstrips has long let you turn yourself into comic form, and now you can create personal emoji with the company’s Bitmoji app and send via Messenger.

Design your avatar, picking from a set of facial features and skin tones, and then choose from a set of funny scenes. Throw money in the air, chug a coffee or look sad without ever having to actually do the action or convey such an expression in real life. You can add your Bitmoji as a keyboard in iMessage and WhatsApp.

Legend: Animate Your Message

legends app Legends app Photo: Stupeflix

Reading words can be boring and hard, and sometimes your happiness or sarcasm just isn’t conveyed properly … unless you also choose the right emoji. The app Legend, however, lets you dedicate even more time and effort into making sure your message is understood and more entertaining.

Type your message and then stylize it with a fancy font, background or animation, and hope your friends appreciate your creative efforts. Keep in mind that your text can be only 100 characters long.  

Ditty: Convert Your Text To Music

ditty Ditty app Photo: Zya

If you’re too embarrassed or lazy to serenade your lovers, you can now create musical text messages with Ditty. Write up to 70 characters, pick from a selection of pop songs and wait as the app creates a video message of the text sung to the tune of the song.

The app currently has about 20 licensed pop songs to choose from and is working on expanding its selection. Best part: Some of them are free, though other titles will cost 99 cents each.

Pyro!: Set Images On Fire

pyro Pyro! app Photo: DynamicDust

“Do you ever want to watch your neighbor’s house, your teacher’s car or your boss’ office burn?” reads the description to what could be your new favorite app on iTunes. Pyro!, as a standalone app and now for Messenger, allows you to add fire effects to wherever your iPhone camera is pointing.

You can then save these creations as photos or videos for sharing. The videos even feature sound effects and allow for explosions. So, have fun with that …