Netflix 6 Degrees
This illustration picture shows the Neflix logo displayed on a tablet in Paris on Feb. 18, 2019. Getty Images/Lionel BONAVENTURE

Netflix (NFLX) just may be the connector that binds all of us together, no matter where you are located. A study from the streaming service reveals that subscribers are tied by six common shows.

From docuseries to original content, Netflix users are undergoing their very own Kevin Bacon effect of entertainment. While the Kevin Bacon theory puts every person in Hollywood only six degrees away from a movie starring the "Footloose" actor, Netflix puts you six shows away from someone that has watched the same content as you with its "6 Degrees of Netflix" connection.

According to the Netflix study, when “two randomly paired Netflix active accounts” are paired together there is an average of 6.2 shows shared in common. For the study, Netflix required that at least one episode of a show or 70 percent of a film was watched to count as content seen and in common with another user.

Netflix took the study one step further as these common shows had to be watched within the past year, making it possible that you have even more shows in common with another if you use your entire Netflix viewing history.

Not only will the 6 degrees of show commonality come in handy as you meet new people, but it shows the similarity between people no matter where they are located around the world. Everyone has something in common even if it is a Netflix show, or six.

Netflix has suggested you put their theory to the test and ask a stranger if they have seen any of the same shows as you. You just might encounter more in common with your cab driver or a grocery store stranger than you thought.

Shares of Netflix stock were down 1.03 percent as of 11:50 a.m. EST on Thursday.