A 6-year-old child in India died after he was allegedly administered an injection by a quack to treat his fever.

The quack, who was allegedly responsible for the incident, has been arrested, following the incident in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The police identified the accused as 47-year-old Agnest Cetharin, who ran a clinic from her home, the New Indian Express reported. She was produced in court Monday.

The victim's father told local media his son had a fever for two days. On Friday, he took the child to Cetharin for treatment. At the clinic, the woman allegedly administered an injection. As his fever did not subside, the family took him to another clinic, where he received another injection.

However, just 30 minutes after they reached home, the boy fainted and was rushed to the Rajapalayam Government Hospital. The doctors at the hospital declared the child dead.

Hearing the news of the death, the victim's relatives protested outside the hospital. The child's body was sent to the Virudhunagar Government Hospital for an autopsy, the Hindu reported.

The police quoted sources from the health department, who said the boy had developed hematoma after the injection given by Cetharin, which caused a septic shock.

"It takes a day or two for the patient to show symptoms and by that time it had spread to the boy's brain and intestine," the police said.

The exact cause of death was yet to be revealed. Cetharin was booked under the Medical Council Act and taken into custody. An investigation was underway into the incident.

Based on the father's complaint, the Rajapalayam North police had registered a case of a suspicious death.

Last month, a 45-year-old woman in the neighboring state of Kerala died after hospital staff allegedly administered her the wrong injection. The family of the victim accused the hospital of negligence. The woman was taken to the hospital after she showed dengue fever symptoms. However, lab test reports ruled out the possibility of the virus. Her husband reportedly said his wife's condition was getting better before a nursing staff gave her an injection. The woman's health reportedly started deteriorating after she was administered the injection.

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