The job recruitment process can be quite hectic, especially for companies who receive a lot of email applications everyday. The human resources department need to make more effort in screening applicants, so they can find the most competent ones for hiring.

They used to rely on traditional methods such as job fairs, internal hiring and advertising on newspapers so it was quite hard to find the right applicant to fill the position.

Now, there are advanced technologies which companies may use to simplify the recruitment process. Through recruitment software, the hiring process can be shortened, reaching more applicants and assessing their skills. It is also more cost-efficient so you won’t have to keep paying for advertisements.

If your company has started the recruitment process, especially now as life is starting to go back to normal and you’re receiving a lot of applications, you might want to invest in a recruitment software to help your HR department. Here’s a list of the seven best HR recruitment software in 2022.

7 Best HR Recruitment Software In 2022

1. CVViZ

CVViZ CVViZ Photo: AppSumo/

CVViz is one of the highly rated recruitment software as it guarantees an efficient and hassle-free hiring process. It has a feature for recruiters to post job openings on at least 15 jobsites without the extra cost and can help identify the top candidates per position. You also don’t have to worry about taking too much time going through applicant resumes as the software can screen the resumes based on the job description and skill requirements you provided.

2. Vidbites

Vidbites Vidbites Photo: AppSumo/

Do you want to save time on sending out emails to potential applicants one by one, only to be disappointed that they weren’t really fit for the job? You might want to try Vidbites. It’s a software where applicants can send in video submissions for job openings. In the video, they may give their introduction and explain why they’re fit for the job. Hence, it will be easier to filter and analyze the best candidates.

3. Playhunt

Playhunt Playhunt Photo: AppSumo/

Sometimes CVs can be unappealing and if you’re a company who believes that skill and competency are not only based on paper, then here’s an alternative option for you. Playhunt is a video-survey software where you can analyze the candidate’s skill through how they answer the questions you’ve included in the job post. Through this, you can pre-screen applicants before proceeding to the actual recruitment process.

4. Velents

Velents Velents Photo: AppSumo/

Velents is an artificial intelligence (AI) screening platform where applicants can record their interviews and answer tests or assessments. Once applicants have gone through these, the software will rank them based on the results. Recruiters can communicate with the top-ranked applicants and schedule a live video interview through an integrated WhatsApp feature. Hiring decisions are now made easy, as you can already assess both personality and skill.

5. Wrky Skill Assessment Tool

wrky Wrky Skill Assessment Tool Photo: AppSumo/

You can now quickly screen thousands of applicants at the same time with the Wrky Skill Assessment Tool. Create your own assessment where you can choose from the software’s skill library and customize your questions. This ensures applicants are hired based on their skills. You don't have to worry about them cheating their way in as the assessments are “cheat-proof." It goes into a full screen mode so there’s no room for tab switching.

6. Firmbee

Firmbee Firmbee Photo: AppSumo/

Firmbee is a multi-functional tool that HR departments may use to manage recruitment as well as projects, expenses and employee activities. If you want a software that can assist you with everything and is not costly, then this might be the one for you. One of its best features is its applicant ranking system. You can post the requirements you need for the position and the software will suggest the best candidates. You can also have a list of applicants including their details and documents, so you can keep track of their hiring status.

7. KillerLaunch

KillerLaunch KillerLaunch Photo: AppSumo/

KillerLaunch can easily find the best candidates for you may it be for part-time or full-time positions. The software lets you download applicant CVs, which you can use to filter candidates based on their location, experiences and salary expectations. It also has an integrated chat feature where you can directly speak to applicants. You may also give shortlisted candidates tasks or assessments for further evaluation.