• Many people would make a New Year's resolution every single year
  • Some of them would like to have a change in career or would seek a promotion on a job
  • For 2020, there are five amazing job opportunities that might be good for you

Some people would like to shift their careers in a different direction. Others would like to transfer to a new location or get promoted to a higher position and face new challenges. For those who are thinking of a career change or are in the process of looking for a career path, there are 5 jobs that you may want to consider.

Cybersecurity Professional

According to the founder Alta Associates, an executive search firm based in Flemington, NJ, the demand for cybersecurity pros exceeds the available "supply." This is why there is a huge opportunity available in this particular field. Chief Information Security Officers often come from good schools, but they are said to hire those hackers who hunt for threats on the security system, as per NYPost's report. Other candidates for this job are lawyers and developers.

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AI Specialist

The processes involved in various systems are so numerous that reliance on human intervention to monitor and to quickly catch vital data can lead to issues. This is why many companies require Artificial Intelligence specialists to improve systems and ensure that bad financial transactions are prevented or catch process lapses.

Customer Success Specialist

Companies are now investing in staff that will ensure that customers would have a fantastic experience with the product that they purchased. They need to have great communication skills and a great attitude. All that they need to do is to make sure that the customer will be happy with the products purchased.

Robotics Engineer

Everything seems to be run by machines nowadays. With reliance on these robots, the demand for those who make the robots is at an all-time high. According to data gathered from LinkedIn, there has been a 40% job-growth rate in the field of robotics engineering. As per one founder of a robotics startup in Flatiron, Eric Litman, the robotics engineer must understand what task the robot needs to perform, being able to build the actual robot and writing the software that would program the robot.

Cloud Engineers

It is undeniable that more consumers turn to the cloud to store their files and even to use programs. This paved the way for more opportunities for cloud engineers. They are responsible for creating algorithms, writing apps, and a lot more. With the way almost everything is being done online, there is no slowing down for cloud engineers.

So if you feel that you have what it takes to belong to this set of jobs, then you can take your pick. You may have just chosen one of the hottest and most sought-after jobs this 2020.