If you’re running a small- to mid-sized business, you know that every employee matters and that hiring the right talent will help elevate your company to the next level of success. The problem is, where do you find the best people and how do you even hire them?

You can, of course, go about the traditional way by having your Human Resources team source from a pool of applicants and go through each candidate individually. This works, but doing so will cost you both time and resources -- both of which are things that small businesses can’t always afford to lose. Enter recruitment software.

Why Invest in Recruitment Software?

Increasingly becoming more popular in the past years, recruitment software is specifically made to help recruiters or talent acquisition professionals identify, contact, engage and recruit job candidates to hire the right people for the right position. While often equated with its applicant tracking part, recruitment software is broader and includes many other components that can help a business.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 4 In the last few years, recruitment software have risen in relevance and number of users. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Over the years, the changing face of businesses and how companies hire talent have made this type of software more valuable than ever. After all, the right recruitment software will not only help you get good employees but help you save time and money during the recruitment process.

It's fair to say that recruitment software is now a vital aspect of the HR function, especially during a global recession where recruiting and retaining the right people is the key to productivity and continued business growth.

And when it comes to the right recruitment software, JazzHR stands tall among its competitors. Here’s why.

Who is JazzHR?

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, JazzHR is an industry leader in the world recruitment software and is laser-focused on providing an all-in-one and convenient solution to small- and mid-sized businesses. 

Established by founder and chairman Don Charlton in 2009, JazzHR has raised the bar in the recruiting software industry, earning itself a range of awards and accolades, thanks to its features and services. Much like the music genre it's named after, JazzHR is flexible and constantly reinventing itself to fit the business landscape’s changing needs.

If you're looking for a recruitment software for your SMB, JazzHR is the go-to for all your hiring needs. 

Here are 30 things you need to know about JazzHR.

JazzHR Infographic At its core, JazzHR is a recruitment software that helps SMBs hire the right talents. Photo: IBTimes.com

JazzHR's Top-rated Features

1. JazzHR is incredibly Versatile and Adaptable

As far as recruitment software utilized today go, JazzHR is easily one of the most versatile on the market. Made to help small- to mid-sized businesses exceed their recruiting goals, JazzHR offers a wide variety of features and add-ons that can help drive companies forward and position them in the right direction.

JazzHR has created an all-around software that adapts to the rollercoaster of today's market trends, all by providing features that will benefit your company long after the recruitment process. JazzHR knows your time is essential, so it always aims to provide a smooth and quick solution.

2. Navigating in JazzHR is a breeze

Another key feature of JazzHR is its user experience (UX). Since the software is built for smaller companies, it's designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The layout is clean and straightforward, and critical functions and features are easily within reach, even for new users.

Countless sources are also available online for those that need them. This includes JazzHR’s very own blog, where you can find great articles, business trends and timely information that frames its features and how it can help your company in real-life scenarios.

This way, not only is your journey as a user smooth from start to finish but you're also supplied with a wealth of industry-relevant information that teaches you how to maximize the app's functions and features best.

3. JazzHR offers Great Analytical Data

It’s also worth noting that JazzHR’s analytical data is one of the best you can find in the industry, especially at its price point. Time and again, data analytics has proven itself an essential component in hiring the right talent, and JazzHR can provide you with all the information you need.

Through its app, the company provides you with unique hiring insight, gauging the candidates' skills and suitability to roles within your company. Good analytical data can also point you to the best candidates, which is essential when filling positions.

4. Its Applicant Tracking Feature is one of the industry’s best

JazzHR is not your basic recruitment software -- it provides excellent applicant tracking features. Designed to help you cut down applicant processing time and other resources, this tracking software helps automate the entire operation from start to finish.

Through this, you can hire great employees, and spend less time doing it, without compromising the quality of the process. Additionally, the applicant tracking feature lets you set specific screens and filters to ensure you get the suitable candidates with the credentials you require.

JazzHr table As a recruitment software, JazzHR offers quite the number of features. Photo: IBTimes

5. It makes hiring more Collaborative and Manageable

While the traditional hiring process works, it can often be time-consuming and require you or your HR to be on-site to screen candidates. Unfortunately, this scenario isn't always possible, or even recommended, in today's landscape.

Fortunately, digitizing the overall process via JazzHR helps bring more collaboration between you and your team during recruitment, even when done remotely. With the service, you can streamline the recruitment journey of your candidates and get notified every step of the way, with ample space to provide output via feedback. It's also an excellent way to always stay in touch with your team, even when you're busy with other things in the business.

6. Great Onboarding Tools

Your new employees’ journey in the company starts with a great onboarding process, and JazzHR lets you provide just that. When an onboarding process is effective, your newly hired employee tends to feel more valued, better understands their role and increases their productivity and performance.

To help make this happen, JazzHR’s onboarding tools ensure the transition is smooth -- whether it's filling out new paperwork, watching training videos, or attending new hire meetings.

7. It has Excellent App Integration

While it may not have the most comprehensive set of business tools available on the market, JazzHR more than makes up for it through its excellent app integration. This includes human resource and payroll management systems to help with candidates after they’ve been hired. Some of these partners include MassPay, Namely, ADP, ACE Payroll, BambooHR and Gusto.

Additionally, JazzHR’s excellent app integration also provides more flexibility to users, ensuring you have every tool at your disposal at a moment’s notice, anytime you need it.

8. The App is Cloud-Based

JazzHR is also a cloud-based software, meaning that you can access it anytime from any computer or mobile device via the internet. It is also accessible via mobile apps made for iOS and Android.

This, in combination with its cloud-based feature, future-proofs the app from upcoming HR tools and technology that may otherwise render older recruitment software outdated. When you use JazzHR, you secure recruitment software that will grow and evolve alongside your company.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 4 As a recruitment software, JazzHR specializes in finding you the right talent and streamlining the hiring process. Photo: jazzhr.com

9. It features Exceptional Security

Security is an important yet often overlooked factor in any software. Thankfully, the company takes its app security very seriously and uses multiple infrastructures to guarantee the safety of your company, your team, and all of your potential candidates.

JazzHR uses several security measures like encryption, secure socket layers, firewall and password protection to ensure this. It also provides single sign-on (SS0) capabilities to simplify password management for its users, while cloud-based support makes sure that your corporate data is shielded from cyberattacks. All in all, it offers a robust set of security features for all of its users.

10. Excellent Customer Service and Support

On top of its excellent features, JazzHR also offers outstanding customer service and support. The app's support page connects any user to webinars, videos and infographics for training and advice, giving you the option to troubleshoot certain features. It also offers a training portal that allows you  to get quickly acquainted with its interface and tools.

Of course, you can also reach customer support through live chat, email, phone and support tickets, giving you a wide range of options to resolve any issue you might face.

It's also worth noting that JazzHR runs its blog, where the company provides market trends, real-world applications of its tools and even essential market data.

11. Employee Referral Program

According to research, referral hires are largely more successful than traditional hires? This is because your employees are the ones who have an in-the-trenches understanding of what it's like to work at your company, making them more likely to suggest job candidates who would also work and thrive in the same environment.

JazzHR understands this well, which is why the app offers an employee referral program should your company choose to take advantage of it. Easily one of the best ways to bring new talent into your organization, referrals can help incentivize your employees while also helping you source qualified talent with a higher retention rate.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 4 To help you save money, JazzHR also offers a 21-day free trial. Photo: jazzhr.com

12. JazzHR’s Templates are Customizable and Easy-to-Use

JazzHR also helps streamline the recruitment process by providing you with customizable and easy-to-use templates for job orders and postings. 

With JazzHR candidates can quickly fill up a job posting and get it immediately classified for openings and postings. The same goes for your team, as the app's templates help cut down time on posting ads, so you can spend more of it looking for the right candidate.

13. Searchable Resumé Database

Another perk to using JazzHR is that it provides you with a searchable and secure resumé database. Through this comprehensive database, you can easily filter out candidates who you think will best fit the role you're looking for.

The searchable resumé database function also helps you stay informed through a real-time stream of the latest activities related to your candidate. Never worry about their availability again.

14. Customized Website Branding Feature

Branding is everything when building a good company image, and JazzHR’s tools let you do just that. Offering benefits like branded messaging, customizable career pages and even social media channels, JazzHR helps make your organization look more streamlined, appealing and professional to potential candidates.

By offering 12 templates for customized website branding, the service lets you bypass the need to hire a website developer, all while giving your company more opportunities to show off your culture and expand your network in the process.

15. One-Click Posting

Gone are the days when you need to do time-consuming and labor-intensive individual job postings just to get noticed by potential candidates. With JazzHR, you can easily broadcast your openings to multiple job boards where qualified candidates are looking. Best of all, JazzHR’s career pages are mobile-ready, so you are assured that you are getting maximum reach. You can also showcase job ads on popular social sites.

16. Customizable Interview Module

After receiving job applications, you can quickly sort through potential candidates and utilize the customizable interview module to conduct online interviews. Based on the results, you can compare applicant skills and make an informed decision based on figures, facts and other important analytical data. This way, you are ensured that you will get the best talent.

JazzHr table Aside from the included features, JazzHR also offers several add-ons. Photo: IBTimes

JazzHR Company Facts

17. Built for Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses

JazzHR is a powerful recruitment software package that focuses on supporting the SMB industry. Laser-focused in helping small- to medium-sized businesses, it is powerful, affordable and feature-packed with some of the best recruitment tools on the market. So if you’re having trouble with digitizing the hiring process, JazzHR is something your business will benefit from.

18. In-House vs. Agency Solution

Traditionally, recruitment software is meant for either in-house use or for agencies. However, JazzHR sets itself apart by providing options for both. While its standard plans are perfect for small- to mid-sized businesses, JazzHR also offers high-volume plans that include great tools for recruitment agencies.

This makes JazzHR more flexible than your standard recruitment software while still offering price plans on the more affordable end.

19. Award-Winning for its Growth and Excellence in Customer Service

JazzHR has received its fair share of awards and recognition as a recruitment software, all thanks to its growing excellence in customer service. These awards include the Top Products for HR By G2's Best Software Awards and being named a five-time Inc. 5000 winner, including in three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021, among many others!

This is all thanks to JazzHR’s growth in both revenue and users in the last few years, as well as the service's commitment to delivering business solutions to organizations that need it.

JazzHr table JazzHR is an award-winning recruitment app with its fair share of notable achievements. Photo: IBTimes

20. One of the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Companies

During 2018 and 2020, JazzHR has managed to gain an impressive 62% growth in revenue, earning the app its place in Pittsburgh's 2021 Business Times Fast 50 List. It has managed to achieve this as a recruitment software by providing solutions to its 8,500+ customer base, all while gaining new ones in the process.

Moving forward, the company aims to continue its growth by expanding its services to serve its customers better.

21. Solid and Experienced Management Team

Of course, JazzHR’s success wouldn’t be possible without a solid management team behind it. Led by Don Charlton, the company is backed up by a team with extensive experience in the recruitment and business industry.

This team has helped maintain the quality of JazzHR's service and its recruitment solutions, while continuously expanding its services and offering new tools. Additionally, its own customer support team is also always available to assist all of its users.

JzzHr table Some of JazzHR's notable partners. Photo: IBTimes

JazzHR Industry and Stats Facts

22. Increases your company Hire Rate by almost 500%

JazzHR can increase your company hire rate by almost 500%. That's right! It offers a significantly higher recruitment rate thanks to its extensive features, compared to more traditional recruitment software.

From its one-click job postings to its excellent app integration, the company ensures that all of the bases are covered, helping you reach your maximum hiring potential.

23. JazzHR caters to 99.9% of businesses in the U.S.

According to the Small Business Association statistics, around 99.9% (or 31.7 million) of companies in the U.S. have fewer than 500 employees, therefore classifying them as small businesses. That is a lot of companies that are potentially looking to hire great talent.

JazzHR helps bridge that gap by offering specific solutions that are tailor-made for this demographic. This way, SMBs get recruitment solutions and great talents get good working opportunities.

24. JazzHR is perfect for Home-Based Businesses

In the last year and a half, the number of small businesses that operate from their owners' homes has significantly increased, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic made work-from-home setups more common.

JazzHR’s features can ensure that these small businesses get the talent they need to operate and thrive. This also means that great talent looking for employment from the safety of their own homes are given good opportunities.

jazzhr Here's how JazzHR is benefitting SMBs from all over the US. Photo: IBTimes

25. Its always on Top of Industry Trends

Another benefit to using JazzHR is that it offers plenty of helpful market insight and helps you stay on top of industry trends so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Users can take advantage of JazzHR’s blog, where you can read up on the latest industry trends, news and even business strategies, in addition to other recruitment tips and tricks. This way, business owners get not just the right set of hiring tools but business knowledge that can help them long after they've recruited the right talent.

26. JazzHR Reduces Hiring Costs by 90%

Besides streamlining the recruitment process, another benefit to using JazzHR as your SaaS applicant tracking system is it can significantly reduce hiring costs by up to 90%. While traditional hiring works, these can often be costly, especially if you're filling up multiple positions. JazzHR helps you save by digitizing the process and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Facts About JazzHR’s Pricing

27. JazzHR is Competitively Priced

Because it's focused on helping SMBs maximize their resources and hiring potential, JazzHR’s prices are one of the most affordable in the market for a recruitment software.

Each pricing tier is transparent with the features that it comes with, so you know exactly what your package comes with and how it can benefit your organization.

28. It offers Three Affordable Plans

JazzHR offers three main pricing plans -- JazzHR Hero, JazzHR Plus and JazzHR Pro. Each plan is billed annually for extra savings and comes with a set of recruitment and business tools that will help your company reach the next level.

It's important to note that these three plans are meant for companies with less than 500 employees. If your company staff is bigger than that, however, you'll be pleased to know that JazzHR still offers a high-volume version of these plans, intended to serve companies with more than 500 employees and providing more enterprise-level capabilities.

JazzHr table JazzHR offers three price plans, plus three high-volume versions of each tier. Photo: IBTimes

29. JazzHR Offers A Free Trial

To help you further save on company costs, JazzHR offers a free trial period that lasts for 21 days. This way, you can test the app's services and check how it can benefit your business. It's also perfect for when you're still shopping around for recruitment software.

30. Several Affordable Add-on Features

Aside from the abundance of HR and recruitment tools that comes with JazzHR’s pricing tiers, the app also has several helpful add-on features that your team might find handy. This includes:

  • Career page customization
  • Candidate texting
  • Offers and eSignatures
  • Advanced reporting
  • Zoom integration
  • All-access support
  • Bulk email sending
  • A dedicated account manager