With the highly-anticipated Ford (F) Bronco 4x4 coming this spring, there has been a great deal of speculation about the details of the SUV. Ford isn’t helping matters, keeping quite on the vehicle’s release with only a few teasers released to entice buyers. Here’s everything we know about the Bronco 4x4 to date.

Rugged Capabilities

Ford has also given a few hints about the new Bronco, saying that it would be built on a body-on-frame chassis with a heavy nod to off-road capabilities. A body-on-frame chassis supports this idea as it is designed for sheer ruggedness as it can stand up to the demands of rough terrain found in off-road driving.


Reports have also indicated that the Bronco will share the Ford Ranger’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder powertrain. In the Ranger, this engine boasts a powerful 230 horsepower and 310 pounds-per-feet of torque. The specifications of the engine remain to be seen in the Bronco, but it is thought to be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission with rumors suggesting that an optional seven-speed manual gearbox will be offered, Car Buzz reported.

Two- And Four-Doors

It is also known that the Bronco 4x4 will come in both a two-door and four-door version. According to Car Buzz, the two-door option was seen by dealers at an event. The Bronco is also reported to have removable doors, according to leaked renderings that have made their way around the internet.

Truck Model

By 2024, it is expected that Ford will launch a truck version of the Bronco, giving the automaker even more ammo in the pickup truck segment. As the leader of pickup truck sales with its F-Series, Ford may be looking to have another truck model to beef up its lineup.

Baby Bronco

Ford will also launch a Baby Bronco version of the 4x4. While not the official name of the SUV, it will be a smaller model that could reportedly be named the Bronco Adventurer, Bronco Scout, Bronco Sport, or Bronco Maverick.

Hybrid Version

According to Ford Authority, the Bronco will also be offered with a hybrid variant after the initial 2020 launch. The idea of offering a hybrid model of the 4x4 would allow Ford to compete with the Jeep and Explorer hybrids that are set to hit the market in the near-term.

Production And Release

While Ford has said that the Bronco will debut in spring 2020, this leaves the door open to when exactly the official unveiling of the truck will happen. Ford Authority sources have said the Bronco will show at the New York Motor Show in mid-April. The SUV is expected to be available at dealers in late 2020.

Despite the development of the Bronco taking place in Australia, the new 4x4 is reportedly expected to be built at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan, plant.

Shares of Ford stock were down 0.43% as of 3:49 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

Ford Race Bronco
Ford showed off the Bronco R race-inspired model at Baja 1000. Ford