Japan has a creative way of “busting” its economy.

Triumph International, a Swiss-based lingerie company, unveiled its “Abenomics” bra in Tokyo on Wednesday. The concept bra is based on Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's “three arrow” economic strategy, Reuters reports.

"I reckon if a woman thinks she looks beautiful she'll work harder – and that will surely increase inflation and boost the economy, right? It will also make everyone a lot happier," one Triumph model, who goes by the professional name of Alisa, said at the launch.

The bra features a rising trendline, arrows as motifs and like the country’s leader, promises to reach two percent inflation in two years.

"We hope that, as the Japanese economy grows, we can also help bust sizes to get bigger," said Triumph spokeswoman Keiko Masuda.

Since Abe took office in December and implemented an aggressive policy of monetary easing and fiscal stimulus, the Japanese economy is expected to show solid growth, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Economists say Abe’s policy drove up Tokyo share prices, increased consumption and spending.  

The “Abenomics” bra won’t go on sale, but is the latest in a series of concept bras launched by Triumph in the past 25 years.

A year ago, Triumph launched the “Super Cool Bra” designed with built-in icepacks to keep Japanese women cool and conserve power during the summer. In 2008, the company released the “Solar Power Bra” that could charge a phone or iPod. “Husband-hunting,” postal and chopstick bras were other models Triumph released that played on Japan’s societal woes.