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Promotional art for "Monument Valley." Monument Valley

The critically acclaimed “Monument Valley” is currently free for the iPhone and the iPad so mobile gamers have something to look forward to this week. The game is an isometric puzzler and has garnered plenty of acclaim from fans and critics alike, thanks to the title’s beautiful graphics and unique gameplay mechanics.

Developed by UsTwo, the game has players controlling impossible structure to guide Princess Ida through a number of interesting levels, according to Pocket Gamer. It was this unique gameplay element that made “Monument Valley” such a success, since moving the architecture around felt unique and changed up the flow of the spectacular looking levels.

Levels from “Monument Valley” were supposedly influenced by Escher paintings, which is why the game is so visually striking. The colors of the game change depending on the level, with each one fitting a certain mood that may or may not move mobile gamers.

While it hasn’t been around too long, “Monument Valley” has impressed not only critics, but also those in the video game industry. The legendary Tim Schaefer is a big fan of the game and has complemented it, saying that it was the most elegant game he has ever played. The quote can be seen in the game’s official website.

Plenty of attention was also given to the game when it appeared on the third season of “House of Cards,” a Netflix show that features acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey in the lead role. In a fairly interesting move, Spacey’s character was the one playing the game according to Eurogamer, and it got a lot of attention afterwards.

Currently the game is only free on iOS devices, so those with an Android tablet or smartphone are still going to have to pay for it. If Android users want the game free, they can do so by getting the mobile game through Amazon Underground.

“Monument Valley” will likely be free for a week, so fans should get the game right now. The game normally costs $1.99, so the fact that it’s free now is beyond a bargain, so those that are skeptical can try it out for themselves and see if they like it.

Release Trailer - Monument Valley Game - out now (Credit: YouTube/millustwo)