Comedian and television actor Orlando Jones is apologizing after being panned by his Twitter followers for posting a call to murder former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Jones tweeted on Saturday: Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha [Franklin] & kill Sarah Palin. The tweet, which Jones later claimed was a joke, drew criticism from bloggers and interest from the Secret Service and other law enforcement authorities.

A Secret Service source, quoted by the Chicago Sun Times, expressed outrage that a public person like Orlando Jones would be so stupid as to make any kind of suggestion -- joking or not -- about killing a politician or other high-profile individual.

There are enough nutcases out there without planting these kinds of seeds to give a weak-minded person a dangerous idea, the source said.

Jones posted an apology on his Facebook page and has tweeted a link to the apology Wednesday in which he said he prays that no harm comes to Governor Palin.

This has gotten way out of hand. The tweet I posted on October 22nd has upset a lot of people. For this, I apologize. I pray that no harm to comes to Governor Palin. I'm not a political pundit and I certainly don't believe in murder. I think laughter is great medicine. I'd love to elevate the conversation but no one seems interested in that. So I'll keep on going for smiles even when I miss by a mile :-), Jones wrote.