FBI pictures of suspect Adam Mayes and kidnapping victims Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters Kyliyah Bain Alexandria Bain and Adrienne Bain
Authorities are investigating how kidnapping suspect Adam Mayes managed to elude them for two weeks and whether he had help doing so. Mayes is suspected of kidnapping Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters. He allegedly killed the mother and her oldest daughter and held the other girls Alexandra Bain, 12, and Kyliyah Bain, 8, hostage. Reuters

Authorities have still not caught up with Adam Mayes, the Mississippi man accused of killing Tennessee woman Jo Ann Bain and her oldest daughter, while kidnapping her two youngest girls. A relative has now informed authorities that Mayes believes the two young Bain girls are his daughters.

The relative that informed authorities of a new motive for the kidnapping and murders is Josie Tate, Mayes mother-in-law.

Tate told the Associated Press that Mayes suspected that he was the father to Jo Ann Bain's two youngest daughters, Alexandria, 12 and Kyliyah, 8. The mother-in-law continued to say that Mayes' theories about being the father to the two children put a strain on his marriage to Tate's daughter, Teresa.

She was tired of him doting on those two little girls that he claimed were his, Josie Tate explained to the Associated Press via phone interview.

Bobbi Booth, Mayes sister-in-law, echoed similar words about Mayes' relationship with the Bain family. According to Booth, her sister Teresa feared that Mayes was having an affair with Jo Ann Bain. Booth went onto say that when Mayes was around the Bain's they looked like a big happy family.

While Tate and Booth have voiced information leading to a motive for the murder and abductions, the authorities will not comment on the motive, reports the Associated Press.

According to CNN, the FBI believes that Mayes has not killed Alexandria and Kyliyah.

From an investigative standpoint, we keenly and firmly believe that Adam Mayes is out here somewhere with these two young children, said Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director, Mark Gwyn.

The authorities are still searching for Mayes and the children, focusing their hunt in the Guntown, Mississippi area.

Alexandria and Kyliyah's mother and oldest was found murdered in Guntown over the weekend. Police have since arrested Mayes wife Teresa, and his mother, Mary Mayes. According to the Daily Mail, both women have been charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Adam Mayes has also been added to the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives list, reports CNN.

The authorities are urging Mayes to leave the young girls in a sage location and then peacefully and safely turn yourself in.

An award of $175,000 is currently being offered for information leading to the arrest of Mayes.