A Moscow-bound Aeroflot flight was forced to land 150 miles short of its destination after a passenger allegedly demanded the aircraft to be diverted to Afghanistan. According to reports, 69 passengers and seven crew members were on the plane which took off from the Siberian city of Surgut.

The Aeroflot SU1515 flight had left Surgut Tuesday afternoon local time, Ren TV reported.

Local media shared the photo of the man who is suspected to have made the demand. A source told Interfax that the passenger was detained and no weapons were found on him.

The plane landed in the town of Khanty-Mansiysk after the crew was able to convince the passenger that the plane required refueling, sources told local media. The passenger was either drunk or mentally unstable, Russian media reported. He has been detained multiple times in the past for drunken disorderly behavior, Interfax news agency reported.

Russian media reported that the press service of Aeroflot refused to comment on the situation.

Russia's RT News reported that the man could be charged with hijacking an aircraft — which under Russian law is punishable up to eight years, or up to 12 years if the perpetrator was armed or used violence.

This is a developing story.