Less than a month after the killing of Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden, the jihadist movement in Somalia threatened the life of Sarah Obama, step-grandmother of US President Obama. Ms. Obama, who is the third wife of President Obama’s paternal grandfather, is residing in the Kenyan City of Kismu.

In addition to stepping up the security around Sarah Obama, the Kenyan Police is leaving no chance and is keeping a vigil on the entire village where she stays. The 88 year old, however, said she is unfazed by the tightened security put in place and that her movement has not been restricted in any way.

Meanwhile, Taliban has claimed responsibility for the Friday twin bombings in Charsadda, Pakistan. The militant group, besides describing it as only one of the first steps of retaliation, has also issued a strong warning to the United States. In fact, it has declared that Pakistan is Taliban’s first target and later, the US. The attack on the paramilitary force had mostly killed young cadets, besides many civilians.

A week before, the US president had lavished praise on his assault team who cleaned up Osama Bin laden on the night of May 1 in Abbottabad, 150 km from the Pakistan capital city Islamabad. Obama, who described Operation Geronimo as one of the greatest ever operations in the history of the nation, went on to say that it was a job well done. There are reasons to believe that both the threat and the attack are immediate retaliatory measures adopted by the extremist faction.

Incidentally, President Obama had made his point while speaking to the troops at Fort Campbell, Kentucky on last Friday. Obama had also pointed out that, with the death of the terrorist master-mind, Al-Qaeda could never ever bounce back on America, who has the ultimate victory.

The Whitehouse has not yet responded to the threat to Ms. Obama as well as the attacks in Pakistan.