An Indian woman has accused AirAsia of sexual harassment. Beawiharta/REUTERS

A woman has accused three members of an AirAsia flight of sexual harassment days after the airline filed a complaint against the woman for verbally abusing a crew member, according to Press Trust of India Saturday.

The woman alleges that a flight attendant made “unwelcome physical advances” on a Nov. 3 flight from Ranchi, India, to Bengaluru, India. In a Nov. 7 police report, the woman accused three crew members of “molestation, misbehavior, threatening and rowdyism.” The woman alleges that a crew member cornered her near a bathroom.

“He was trying to be touchy while there was no one around near the washroom. I found that awkward but did not say much as I was not sure about his behavior,” she said in a statement to police.

She also said that flight crew insulted her after she complained about the dirty bathroom and alleged she was detained on the runway by crew members and not allowed to go to her gate until all other passengers left.

AirAsia denies the woman’s claims and filed a complaint about the woman with the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) immediately after the flight. The airline alleges the woman verbally abused one of its staff.

“The senior cabin crew who was operating the flight, following the pre-take off safety and security procedures, noticed the [woman] speaking on the phone and requested her to switch off her mobile phone as this is against prescribed safety procedures... The passenger resorted to verbal abuse against the senior cabin crew,” said AirAsia in a statement to Press Trust of India.

The airlines called the woman a “disruptive passenger” and said she was detained on the runway because she was brought to the airport police station.

Passengers can be banned from flying for three months to a lifetime by the DGCA for causing issues on a flight.