• Official Apple websites are still receiving orders for AirPods Pro
  • Apple AirPods Pro orders will not arrive until February
  • Some stores still have available stocks of AirPods Pro

The holiday shopping season is already behind us; however, the demand for Apple AirPods Pro still goes beyond the available supply. Orders placed on the official website of the Cupertino tech juggernaut will not ship before early February, according to a new report. However, those who are in the large metropolitan areas have an alternative that could get them a pair of the first AirPods line to offer active noise cancellation feature.

If you order a pair of Apple AirPods Pro today at the official website of Apple, you will receive a prompt message that you will not receive it before Feb. 3. Sadly, the situation is not any better in other online retailers. Both target and Amazon list Apple AirPods Pro as temporarily out of stock. Best Buy and Walmart official sites have no Apple AirPods Pro, either.

The situation is just in the US, orders placed in the UK version of Apple's official website states that AirPods Pro will not arrive until Feb. 1, 2020, and a Feb. 4 arrival date in its Germany. Meanwhile, the Australian version of the Apple site states that the wireless earbuds from Apple will not ship in four weeks' time. However, while the Apple official website will not send out AirPods Pro to customers for a month, some retail stores are clearly receiving episodic shipments.

For instance, if you search for the Apple AirPods Pro, you can find one of the Apple Stores located in San Francisco to have a stock. The same applies to the Atlanta area. There are also two Apple Stores located in Chicago that still have AirPods Pro stocks.

Some brick and mortar stores might still have some Apple AirPods Pro stocks. A quick search online in Atlanta reveals a pair of Apple AirPods Pro in a Walmart store, for instance. It only means that anyone near a large metropolitan area who is willing to look online and do a little bit of driving around could still find some brick and mortar stores selling Apple AirPods Pro.

While some consumers will have to wait for the arrival of Apple AirPods Pro in February, its rival Samsung is unveiling the Samsung galaxy Buds+ in February as well. The upcoming rival wireless earbuds will feature active noise cancellation similar to that of Apple AirPods Pro.