Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called on the Muslims to kidnap westerners as a means to free the imprisoned jihadists and to restart the Egyptian revolution, the SITE Intelligence Group has reported.

"We are seeking, by the help of Allah, to capture others and to incite Muslims to capture the citizens of the countries that are fighting Muslims in order to release our captives," said al-Zawahiri, referring to the kidnapping of Warren Weinstein, a 71-year-old American aid worker in Pakistan, last year, Reuters reported.

Al-Zawahiri, a physician by training, urged the Egyptians to press for the law of Islam in the country and fight till the Shariah law was implemented.

"The battle isn't over, but it has started… The revolution in Egypt must continue and the Muslim Ummah must offer sacrifices until it achieves what it wants and until it snatches from the corrupt forces ... the dignity and honor of Egypt," al-Zawahiri said, according to an AFP report.

In the first part of the eleventh episode of his series, "A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt," he lashed out at the U.S. for supporting Israel and called President Barack Obama a “professional liar.”

He asked Obama to own up defeat in the war against jihad.

"Obama must admit he and his allies are standing in the defeated line, and that Osama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him, and the rest of the Mujahedeen and the Muslim Ummah are standing in the victorious line, whether anyone likes it or not," the AFP reported.

In the two part film posted on the extremist websites, al-Zawahiri also criticized the Syrian regime for killing the Muslims in its attempt to curb the opposition forces. The Syrian rebels include several pro-Palestine Islamist groups.

"I incite Muslims everywhere, especially in the countries that are contiguous to Syria, to rise to support their brothers in Syria with all what they can and not to spare anything that they can offer," he said, according to a Reuters report.