Handguns are seen for sale in a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton, Missouri. Reuters/Jim Young

A video showing an Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer accidentally shooting a man, while investigating a burglary case, has been released by the city's police. The video, recorded with a lapel camera, showed an officer climbing through a broken window of an apartment on the second floor when a gunshot is heard.

The officer reportedly told his superior that he fell after his leg got stuck in the window sill, when his gun went off, accidentally injuring a resident on the first floor. The man, who got shot, was seen in the video with blood pouring down his back near his neck while he tried resting on a couch, The Associated Press (AP) reported. The incident comes at a time when the country is witnessing protests against the use of excessive force by the U.S. police.

"I came in and this leg got caught up here, and because we clear houses my gun was right here and I fell down," the officer said in the video, according to AP.

Another officer was reportedly heard as in the video as saying: "I have one male in the apartment, the one below ... and it looks like he's got blood to the neck. I can't see what it's from," to which the first officer responded: "He's got blood? Oh my God."

According to Tannier Tixier, a spokesperson for the Albuquerque police, Officer Tamas Nadas who fired the shot has been placed on administrative leave post the incident, AP reported. However, reports said that the victim, Ramiro Armendariz, 46, is expected to recover soon.

According to a report from KRQE News 13, a local CBS affiliate, the family does not believe the explanation given by police officials and plans to hire a lawyer.

“I can’t talk with him because he can’t talk. He has tubes in his mouth,” Lilia Armendariz, the sister of the victim, said, according to KRQE News 13, adding: “We are praying for my brother.”