Alessio Rastani went on BBC on Monday morning to declare that The governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world and to predict the absolute crash of the Euro zone.

Is Alessio Rastani a modern day Chicken Little? There is no doubt that the entire world is facing an economic downturn and that some major corporations did play a part in the collapse. Yet, is Alessio Rastani a credible enough source to back up such brazen statements?

Forbes conducted an interview with this unknown expert and Rastani quickly stated: I'm not an institutional trader. I wouldn't dream of ever doing that. I trade my own money, my own account. He has only been trading since 2006.

It is unclear as to who he has previously worked for, since all responses in reference to his professional background thus far have been vague.

According to his Facebook page, Rastani is an experienced stock market and forex trader and professional speaker who had the privilege of learning from some of the world's greatest traders located in London.

His Facebook page also includes an Ask Alessio app for individuals to email him direct questions that he will respond to on his blog on

At he goes into further detail about how he has always loved teaching and wants to teach people how to trade the markets. This blog also includes photographs of Rastani from various speaking and stock trading events.

On his Twitter profile, he states that he is a keynote speaker on share trading as well as a mentor and dedicated to helping others succeed.

Alessio Rastani's BBC interview has racked up a total of approximately half a million hits, amongst the various versions of the clip available on YouTube.

Since his BBC debut, it appears that he has had an influx of comments to his Facebook page and 3,199 likes.

These comments are both positive and negative with some writing he is not a real trading don't listen to him and change your job please while others said congratulations for your courage and honesty and only you tell the truth.

On his Facebook page, Rastani wrote: Hi all. For those of you who still think I am the bad guy here, let me say this: what I said on TV today, if you ACT on it, it will probably save your pension and your savings. Bankers in the City will NOT tell you the same because they have more to lose: their job, their stocks and their fat cat bonuses! You are welcome.

A possible defense for the backlash he now faces.

Rastani made some bold statements on BBC, including, Personally, I've been dreaming of this moment for three years. I go to bed every night and I dream of another recession.