Arian Foster
Houston Texans star Arian Foster claims that his alleged baby mama, a Texas woman named "Brittany," plans to exploit her pregnancy to start a career in reality television. Wikipedia Commons

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has reportedly responded to a lawsuit filed by his alleged baby mama after she claimed that he pressured her to have an abortion.

Foster, 27, has reportedly filed legal documentation in which he asserts that the Texas woman, identified only as “Brittany,” is attempting to exploit the alleged pregnancy to advance her career in reality television, TMZ reports. Furthermore, in order to prevent a media “carnival,” he has asked a judge to force “Brittany” to remain silent on the ongoing legal proceedings.

In his response, Foster alleges that Brittany has “already indicated in social media postings announcing that she will participate in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and thereby draw additional media attention,” TMZ reports. He also included a screenshot which purportedly captured a tweet that Brittany posted to her Twitter account.

“Shooting interviews for the last casting reel for my family’s reality show #blondashians,” the tweet said, according to TMZ. Additional details on the show are not currently available.

The judge presiding over the case has yet to grant Foster’s request for Brittany’s silence, the site reports. Foster has not publicly commented on the case.

Foster’s motion was filed in response to Brittany’s claim that the NFL star attempted to pressure her into having an abortion. In her lawsuit, the Texas woman alleges that she became pregnant with Foster’s child last September.

When Foster found out about the baby, he “constantly harassed [her] to get an abortion for the child,” the lawsuit claims. When she refused, the three-time Pro Bowler allegedly “used family members to additionally harass [her] to get an abortion.”

Brittany claims to have obtained DNA tests that confirmed a 99.9% probability that Foster is the father of her child, TMZ reports. She is seeking child support, damages due to emotional distress and a restraining order that would prevent Foster from continuing to pressure her to have an abortion.