Microsoft Surface Phone Browser Score
A screenshot of the browser score of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Html5test

Earlier rumors suggested that Microsoft is working on a “Surface Phone.” Now, the same phone has visited the HTML5Test site with Window 10 on board.

Ferreted out by WinFuture, a smartphone tied to the name “Microsoft Surface Phone” has apparently passed through the HTML5Test browser benchmark testing site. The browser on the Windows 10 powered phone has turned out to be Microsoft’s own Edge 12.

GSM Arena, meanwhile, said that the Windows 10 build on the device is quite old and hence, this handset could be a prototype version of the actual Surface Phone. It could also be that, the tech giant is planning to take the successful “Surface” brand name to smartphones, apart from laptops and tablets.

Speaking of Windows 10, WMPowerUser said Continuum has been one of the most innovative features of the latest OS, which is part of the latest Lumia 950 series. However, Microsoft lacks apps in the Windows Store to make full use of Continuum. The Windows Store currently has roughly “650,000 mobile apps.” Plus, there is a total of “7 million x86 Windows desktop apps.”

As it turns out, Microsoft is apparently mulling the idea of making Win32 desktop apps run on the compatible phones with the help of Continuum. This means, at some point, the desktop apps will be part of the Windows Store.

But then, Win32 desktop apps are apparently not capable of running on the ARM processors housed in the Lumia 950 series. Only if the phone comes powered by x86 processors, Win32 desktop apps will be able to land in working condition on smartphones. This is where, WMPowerUser says, the rumored Surface Phone is believed to be powered by an x86 processor.