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Moy's Taco Shop
Moy's Taco Shop AnyTask

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AnyTask is standing out because of how user-friendly the platform is and the amazingly high-quality tasks at competitive prices. For example, you can get photo background removal for $1. This task is particularly useful for online marketplaces that need to showcase the products they sell.

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We've created an example of how a business can get all its basic graphic design needs done with less than $25 on AnyTask.com.

Moy Flores is a fictional Mexican food chef who has just moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA, where he wants to launch his very first business. He has decided to call his food business Moy's Taco Shop , Authentic Mexican food by real Mexicans . 

His challenge is the fact that he has minimal resources. So, he has decided to start with the basics. Moy has determined that he needs a logo for his business. He also needs a menu and some flyers to promote the taco shop. So, he's gone to AnyTask.com and done just that.

So, his first step was to get a logo done, and the truth is he was really impressed because he got more than just a logo for $10.60 from a graphic designer under the "Logo Design" category. But first, here is the logo he's decided to use:

Logo Design
Logo Design AnyTask

The graphic designer Moy purchased the logo from also sent him the following logo options and ideas as a bonus. Moy will use one of those bonus brand assets for the shop sign.

And Moy also got this from the freelancer, which is perfect for the street sign he plans to place outside his new ventureWith the logos delivered to him in under 24 hours, he proceeded to get the design for his food menu and some flyers to promote the business. He asked one graphic designer under the "Food Menu Design" category to create one for him. 

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The AnyTasker came back with various menu design options for Moy to choose from. And for the incredibly low price of just $7.50. He decided this would be his menu moving forward:

Menu Design
Menu Design AnyTask

Here are a few of the other bonus menu design options delivered to him, but first, this is how much he's spent so far: $18.10 on the menu and the logo.Moy got the menus done within six hours after making the order. He also sent the logo over to another freelancer under the "Brochure and Leaflet Design" category. He got this flyer done for $5.50, bringing his grand total to $23.60.

Flyer Design
Flyer Design AnyTask

No matter what digital task you need and how urgent it may be, AnyTask.com and the more than 30,000 freelance tasks from more than 16,000 freelancers are there to help 24/7. The most sought-after digital tasks on AnyTask are logo design, Excel spreadsheets, data entry, WordPress set-up, lead generation, data entry, video editing, and photo background removal. But there are dozens of more categories from where you can choose. Don't forget to check out our AnyTask Newsroom for more information.

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