Quidsi, a New Jersey based e-commerce provider, which was bought by Amazon, is launching Wag.com, an e-commerce site selling pet related products.

Quidsi will operate this independent of Amazon like some of its other sites, Diaper.com, Soap.com and BeautyBar.com.

Though the site is named ‘Wag’, it offers more than 10,000 products for cats, birds, fishes, reptiles and other small animals.

Wag.com leader says the site aims at serving needs of family. “A lot of our customers have pets in their family, and running out for pet food is an errand that certainly is not the most enjoyable one,” says David Zhang, site leader for Wag.com. “Our experience is in building relationships with customers, and a lot of our customers consider their pets members of the family, so this is a natural extension for where we are going.”

Wag.com will offer free shipping, two days on any order of $49 or more. Zhang says Quidsi’s worked out the value equation in its shipping process to make it work. The shipping minimum drops further to $39 if a consumer combines a Wag.com order with items from Diapers.com, Soap.com or skincare site BeautyBar.com.