Are you living in misery in one of America's most miserable cities?

Forbes just released a list of the top 20 most miserable cities in the nation for 2012. The company used economist Arthur Okun's Misery Index to look at 10 factors for the 200 largest metro areas and divisions in the U.S. for their ranking, including violent crime, unemployment, foreclosures, political corruption and taxes. Other less weighty metrics included commute times, weather, and how area's pro sports teams did.

So what's the most miserable city in America? According to Forbes, it's the sun-drenched tourist haven Miami.

Surprised? Some Miami residents aren't.

In a weird way I kind of agree, and it's terrible, said Jennifer Lorenzo of Westchester.

The Cuban-American actress has lived in Miami her whole life, but she said she's itching to get out.

The weather is great, the food is great, but the people make it miserable, she said. I feel like people need to be more helpful and care about each other. It only happens during hurricane season, but it shouldn't take a natural disaster to make people do that.

Lorenzo said she's dying to move to California: The weather is similar and I noticed a major difference in the way I was treated over there.

Miami native Cristina Merrill, however, was more shocked to see her hometown win the dubious title on the Forbes list.

South Florida has been hit pretty badly by the economy, but I was still surprised to see Miami take the number one spot, Merrill said. Miami is a beautiful city with plenty to offer, especially in terms of nightlife and culture.

Forbes notes that Miami is a great place to live for the haves such as Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and singer Enrique Iglesias. But for the have nots, things apparently aren't so great.

Miami had local company on the misery list: The West Palm Beach metro area ranked fourth and Fort Lauderdale seventh. The rest of the list was dominated by Midwestern cities.

Press start for a look at Forbes' top 10 most miserable cities.


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