An angry goat went on an angry rampage outside a Brazilian prison on Friday, ramming into pedestrians. The attacks were caught on video that has since gone viral with more than 2 million views on YouTube.

The video shows the brown and white goat chasing villagers, knocking some over -- including a pair on a motorcycle -- and challenging a man to a ramming duel in the street. The goat was eventually caught.

According to the Brazilian news outlet G1 the goat escaped from a farm located in Londrina, a city in southern Brazil. Veterinarian Paula Beatriz Mangini told the station that the aggressive behavior is typical for male goats that can be territorial.

Goats have attacked on American soil, too.

In November, a goat named Voldemort charged a teenage boy in Utah. Jaxon Gessel, 14, said he was on his early morning paper route when he saw something that looked like a dog.

“Then it made a weird noise, kind of like a grunting noise,” Gessel told the Desert News. “I’m like, ‘What the heck is that?’”

Gessel said the goat head-butted him, knocked him off his bike and tackled him. “It just freaked me out when it stood up on its hind legs and just wrapped its front legs around me and pulled me off,” he said.

Gessel climbed a tree to escape the angry goat that kept attacking anyone who came close. Voldemort was eventually subdued by a police officer and returned to his owner.