A runaway goat was captured in Brooklyn after running loose through the streets. Flickr via Creative Commons/Martin Pettitt

A runaway goat who may have escaped from a local slaughterhouse was captured in Brooklyn, N.Y., early Thursday morning, after running loose through the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

After six police officers unsuccessfully tried to chase the animal down, the goat was finally captured in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Interfaith Medical Center by a hospital worker who had previously worked as a goat herder in his native West Africa, CBS News reported.

Seydou Ndiaye, a security guard at the hospital, fashioned a lasso out of a rope he found and tried to corral the animal, but the goat eluded him, hiding behind nearby cars. Ndiaye eventually managed to grab the goat by its literal horns, before turning it over to police.

The goat was first sighted at around 1.a.m. by surprised residents who said that the animal seemed confused and repeatedly banged into doors as it ran through the streets.

"I was just walking across the street to get some Popeye’s. I come around the corner, and the next thing I know I see a goat coming around my way, galloping toward me,” a witness said in an interview with CBS. “Banging his head against two doors, to no avail, then it started running ’cause the cops were after it."

After a long police chase, the goat was finally cornered in the parking lot across from the hospital, where Ndiaye lended a hand in its capture.

“I told them, ‘Do not harm the animal, it’s an easy animal, it’s very friendly, but it just was a little scared,’” Ndiaye told the news outlet. But the animal went on to give the experienced goat herder a run for his money, eluding him for some time even as he ran alongside it with the makeshift lasso. After the goat was finally caught, he was loaded into a police car and transported to the ASPCA.

WLNY’s Amy Dardashtian reported that while police were not immediately able to identify where the goat had come from, they had found a tag in its ear, signaling that it may have escaped from a slaughterhouse.