Queebec mosque attack
Police officers patrol the perimeter at the scene of a fatal shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City, Canada, Jan. 30, 2017. Reuters

Two buildings at a university in Montreal were evacuated Wednesday after a letter was sent threatening to set off bombs targeting Muslim students. The letter, from a group calling itself the "Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada" and describing itself as “the underground C4 Chapter at Concorida University” was addressed to “all Moslem students” and sent to members of the media.

“Between today March 1st at noon and March 3rd at 2pm we will DETONATE once per day small artisanal amateur explosive devices that we planted on 2 floors of the H bldg and 1 floor of the EV bldg where Moslems hang out,” the letter read.

The two buildings mentioned at Concordia University were evacuated shortly after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to CBS News. All classes were cancelled until at least 6 p.m. and students were told to avoid the buildings.

Police confirmed they did not find any explosive devices in the buildings.

“The suspect sent by e-mail that he put some explosive items inside a few places inside the buildings,” Montreal Const. Benoit Boisselle said. “Lots of police officers are onsite right now. They looked around, they did not find any suspect items.”

In the letter, the group cites Muslim students walking barefoot between their prayer space and a men’s restroom as well as using the restroom to wash their feet as reasons for their actions. They also cite President Donald Trump as an inspiration.

“Now that President Trump is in office south of the border, things have changed,” it said. “We will not tolerate your behavior anymore.”

The incident comes a month after an attack on a mosque in Quebec City killed six Muslim worshippers. In response, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said to Muslims in Canada: “We will grieve with you, we will defend you, we will love you and we will stand with you.”

Just hours before the incident at Concordia University, a late-night fire at an Islamic center in Toronto was being investigated by police as arson.