• A new patent shows that Apple is working on a new Magic Mouse
  • The patent describes a mouse that can change its shape to adjust to its user's hand
  • The mouse can be a very helpful tool for those working from home due to COVID-19

A new patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Apple is working on a new Magic Mouse that has the ability to shape-shift to adapt to its user's needs. It can expand, contract, and adjust so that it can accommodate hands of any size.

The patent describes the new mouse as having an enclosure that includes an articulating member and an exterior surface that will receive a user's palm. It also has an actuator, coupled to the articulating member, within the enclosure.

Several embodiments describe how the mouse will change its shape to adapt to a user's hand, but all of them claim that the actuator will move the articulating member to shift from a first configuration to a second configuration so that the mouse will be more comfortable for the user. An embodiment claims that the device will detect the “condition” that it is used (i.e. how the user holds the mouse) and will respond to it accordingly.

Patent illustrations show that the device can change to adapt to bigger or smaller hands, and can change to accommodate varied mouse grip styles. It can have a wider or narrower body; have a flatter or more curved body; or expand to become bigger or contract to reduce its size.

Several illustrations reveal that Apple could use different technologies to make this invention work. It might use a scissor mechanism, rotating motors, actuators with several segments, even magnets, to work.

Apple Insider noted that the device might feature overlapping segments to ensure structural integrity and to avoid having any gaps that might serve as safety hazard (i.e. catching a finger) or a place for dirt and debris to enter. It might also feature a jamming mechanism to make sure that the actuator stays in place, even if the user applies some amount of pressure or force while using the device.

This mouse, should Apple succeed in creating it, will serve to help a lot of workers – especially now that many are forced to work from home due to the current coronavirus outbreak. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends using a mouse that “the right shape and size to support the natural curve” of the user's hand. This mouse will make sure of that.

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