• Apple will source components of its upcoming products to new suppliers in 2020
  • Apple Watch Series 6 will be one of these products, and instead of exclusively sourcing components from Quanta, it will tap Luxshare
  • Apple fans are expecting that Apple Watch Series 6 will feature more revolutionary features

The arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6 should cement Apple’s position as the world leader in the unrivaled smart wearable industry. But, consumers are expecting that the Cupertino tech giant will bring something new on the table, considering that all the company did in the past was introduced missing features in Apple Watch Series 4 into the Apple Watch Series 5. Whatever revolutionary changes, Apple is planning to its Apple Watch Series 6, it seems that it will be doing so with a change in partnership s, reveals a new report.

2020 is the year when Apple will begin with a shakeup in its list of suppliers for its product lines, according to TFI Analyst and reliable Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple Watch Series 6 appears to be one of the products included in this rumored suppliers shake-up, which hints that the Cupertino juggernaut is preparing to unveil the Apple Watch Series 6. Instead of Quanta Computer as its exclusive supplier and manufacturer of the S-series silicon, Apple, will source the chip from  LuxShare, reveals the report. The upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 should not be confused with the recently rumored PRODUCT (RED) Apple Watch model, which the company is reportedly planning to release this year too.

Apple fans are expecting that the company will not just improve the design of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 but also introduce advanced features based on revolutionary technology. A previous teardown of the Apple Watch Series 5 reveals that it bears the same S4 CPU and GPU found on Apple Watch Series 4. to some customers, the Apple Watch Series 5 is not something new but just a new variant of the Apple Watch Series 4, and they don’t want that happening again in Apple Watch Series 6.

Ming-Chi Kuo did not specify in his report the release window of the upcoming Apple smart wearable, Apple Watch Series 6. But, if the traditional Apple release pattern is to go by, the next-generation Apple Watch Series 6 might be unveiled at the iPhone 12 official launch. So far, this is all the information we have about the Apple Watch Series 6, but we will surely update you with the latest news and updates about Apple and its products as soon as we stumble upon interesting reports.