Apple iCloud unveiled by Jobs
Come fall, you will be able to stream your digital music library over the internet with Apple’s iCloud. Reuters

The highly anticipated iCloud was unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at today's WWDC 2011 in San Francisco. Apple's iCloud will help sync mobile devices so users can have all their photos, video, and music wherever they go. iTunes will be in the cloud which means music is stored on Apple's iCloud for storage but it can also push your library to all devices automatically.

Jobs introduced how the latest music track can be purchased from iTunes, browsed, searched, downloaded, then pushed to mobile devices, up to 10. The songs can be downloaded to any mobile device. All this will come free of charge.

The unveiling marks a first for Apple with Jobs saying, (this is the) first time we've seen this in the music industry.

Apple will do more than just store data in the cloud, it will be fully integrated with apps and all done automatically and wirelessly. Jobs would then list the features and apps that are involved beginning with Contacts, Calendars, iBooks, Documents (Pages, Keynote, Numbers). Each feature would utilize iCloud to sync data and allow editing of documents to be stored, pushed, and synced onto all mobile devices.

Next is the iCloud Storage API's in what Jobs expressed, we think this is going to be pretty big. First is Photo Stream where it will bring photos to the cloud, in the same manner as documents. Once photos are on the cloud, it is then pushed to all mobile devices, keeping everything sync and up to date. This will be built into iPhoto on Macs as well as Apple TV.

A demonstration was given over wifi where a photo taken by an iPhone is then pushed onto an iPad within seconds. The device is shown to store the previous 1,000 photos, while Mac and PC's can show all.

The iTunes in the cloud becomes available today for iOS4.3 on iPhone 4.