With just 10 days to go for the Apple September 12 event, a new video on Vietnamese portal Tinhte.vn showcases redesigned earphones that is likely to accompany the next-generation iPhone.

The September 12 event, which is watched closely by industry observers and smartphone enthusiasts, is slated to unveil the smartphone, largely rumored as iPhone 5.

Apparently, the Vietnamese site has a track record of showcasing pre-release products and prototype on its website, The Verge reported.

The video compares the earphones with the previous version that was designed in 2006 and introduced in 2008. So launching a new set of earphones does not appear off Apple's plans.

MacRumors noted in its report that the Tinhte video claims that the new earphones are manufactured in a Foxconn plant in Vietnam.

Tinhte seems convinced that the earphones are part of Apple's line-up for the next smartphone release. The design, quality finishing material, fabricated wire, and plastic body well seems to match the previous version of earphones.

Tinhte also goes on to claim in its report that the earphones bear the legend, "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in Vietnam."

The Verge pointed out in its report that one factor that weighs against the earphone being a part of Apple's supposed iPhone 5 accessory is the absence of an in-line remote that is commonly found in any iPhone pack-ins.

Besides, The Verge also indicated how there's plethora of earphone manufacturers in market who can replicate something like the featured device without fuss.