A leaked case mold stands next to an iPhone 5s, possible confirming the iPhone 6's size. Courtesy Bling My Thing

On the heels of the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S5 are rumors about what Apple’s next iPhone may look like. Recent reports hint at possible changes and enhancements to the next iDevice, some being relatively sound and others wildly speculative. And some are pictures. Originally reported by BGR.com Monday, pictures of an iPhone 6 case mold have surfaced, possibly confirming some of the rumors surrounding Apple’s next smartphone.

The pictures show a black plastic mold standing next to the iPhone 5s, comparing the size of the current iPhone with the possible new iPhone. The purported iPhone 6 is larger, standing approximately 5.34 inches and 2.58 inches wide. The iPhone 6 case mold is reportedly 22 percent larger than the current iPhone 5s, and the mold is slightly thicker than the iPhone 5s pictured, which is counter to what other reports have suggested.

The reverse of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 case mold. Courtesy Bling My Thing

The mold, if it's accurate, confirms the size of the next iPhone. A reduced bezel and increased screen can be seen on the possible iPhone 6 mold. In mid-February, a report surfaced suggesting that the iPhone 6 would sport a thinner bezel, or be completely bezel-free. Mock images quickly surfaced showing how that might look. However, the case mold still has a very small bezel.

Two screen sizes have been rumored: a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. While the larger of the two, a possible iPhablet, has yet to be pictured, the case mold measures at about 4.65 inches, which may confirm the size of the iPhone 6. Pictures of possible iPhone 6 touchscreen glass were leaked earlier this month, but were more than likely fake. The supposed iPhone 6 glass showed a reduced top and bottom bezel, which led analysts to scrutinize the pictures. The mold shows a small reduction, but the home button is centered and the FaceTime camera and proximity sensor have been moved, which were problems with the previously leaked photos.

A recent report suggested that the iPhone 6 could have a possible lens attachment module, but the case mold is lacking anything of the sort. Meaning that either the report from Mac Otakara was wrong, or the images from the case supplier is a fake. However, the case mold is relatively in line with previous iPhone models, and it is hard to imagine Apple making major changes to the design outside of aesthetics.

As this is just a mold, the internals are still highly speculative. The iPhone 6 will reportedly run on an A8 processor and have an optical stabilized 8-MP camera with a larger f/1.8 aperture. A bevy of sensors have been suggested and it may sport a humidity, temperature and pressure sensor similar to a barometer. Wireless 802.11ac is a possible upgrade as well. The iPhone 6's rumored release date is sometime in late September.