• Apple Music subscribers can use an Amazon Echo Dot to listen to songs
  • This can be done within a few easy steps
  • It requires downloading the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store

Apple Music has a vast library of songs that subscribers can enjoy. The Cupertino tech giant makes it even more enjoyable when these songs are played via the company's smart speaker, the HomePod.

However, not everyone can afford to buy Apple's HomePod as their first smart home speaker. There are some who aren't very keen on spending a lot of money on a such a device. For such consumers, buying a cheaper alternative like Amazon's Echo Dot will be a more practical, wise choice. Best of all, aside from being cheap, the Echo Dot is also capable of playing Apple Music playlists.

Getting an Echo Dot speaker to play an Apple Music playlist is easy, Apple Insider noted. All that users need to do it will be an Echo Dot speaker (which costs significantly less than the HomePod at $49 versus $299), an Apple Music subscription, and access to the App Store

Here's how to play Apple Music tracks on an Amazon Echo Dot speaker:

  • First, on their iPhone, users should download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store. This app is a must-have for those who have other Alexa-powered devices at home. The app can be downloaded here.
  • Second, once downloaded and installed, users should launch the Amazon Alexa app on their iPhone.
  • Third, once the app is running, users should open the Skills & Games page.
  • Fourth, after that, users should search for Apple Music, then tap on Enable.
  • Fifth, users should sign into Apple Music.

Users will be able to use their Echo Dot speakers to play their songs on Apple Music. Once logged in, users will be able to tell Alexa to play their songs by saying something like “Hey Alexa, play [name of track, album, artist, and so on].” Users can also get Alexa to play their favorite stations and playlists on the Echo Dot.

This process allows users to enjoy their Apple Music songs or playlists on a home speaker, without having to pay for a HomePod. This process will also allow users to play their Apple Music tracks on other Amazon speakers. Users with several Amazon Echo speakers will also be able to create a multi-room setup where they can play their favorite Apple Music playlists.

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