• Apple has shared a document providing instructions in making face shields
  • The document can be accessed by anyone on the internet
  • This is the company's attempt to help people create their own face shield amid COVID-19

Apple has published a set of instructions teaching how people can make face shields to protect them against the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Earlier, Apple published a document revealing the face shield the company designed for medical workers such as doctors, nurses and so on, 9To5Mac reported. Weeks later, the iPhone maker is now sharing a document detailing how people and companies in particular can make those same face shields for their own safety. The document is aptly named, “Make your own face shield.

Apple Face Shield
Apple Face Shield Apple

Apple's face shields make use of 0.5mm-thick clear PET or PETG for the shield covering the face, as well as the band that sits on the wearer's forehead. The company noted that if PET or PETG is unavailable, interested persons and companies can use other materials provided they are “optically clear” and do not crack when folded 180 degrees. Instead of breaking or cracking, the material should simply form a crease.

The instructions also said to use latex-free silicone for the strap, since using natural rubber latex might result in allergic reactions. Cupertino noted that silicone is preferred since non-silicone materials “may degrade quickly.”

Apple indicated that there are several potential fabrication methods, but each has its own drawback. Laser cutting can be done, but the process could release harmful vapors, affecting air quality. The process can also burn the edges of the PET/PETG, causing burrs to appear.

Water jetting doesn't release harmful vapors, but will require some expertise. This process has the “[a]dvantage of cutting multiple sheets simultaneously if kerf angle can be controlled.” Die cutting, on the other hand, offers the “highest throughput,” but will require face shield makers to shell out money for the needed equipment.

The document is obviously aimed at helping people and companies get the necessary help they need in creating face shields for medical professionals and frontliners. That said, the document includes precise instructions as well as warnings for everyone who will want to make their own face shields.

These manufacturing instructions should only be used by an expert,” Apple said. “Manufacturing the face shields requires professional level expertise in manufacturing and design, and should only be done by professional engineers or machinists in a factory environment.”