Apple and Sony Music Entertainment are nearing a deal that will allow licensed cloud-music services. Apple has made giant strides toward establishing their new music service by landing deals with major music labels. According to CNET, EMI Music and Warner Music Group has already signed on board the Apple cloud-music deal while Sony and Universal will be wrapping up soon.

This gives Apple an advantage in the cloud race with Google and Amazon. Others have not successfully reached agreements with major labels for licensing and are not paying the labels' licensing rates. What this means for Apple is instead of having their users manually upload music tracks, the company can offer instant streaming access to master music tracks and recordings.

Through cloud technology, music lovers can use a third party server to access audio tracks instead of using their local computer hardrive or phone storage. All their mp3s will be stored on the company's servers and can be accessible from any web networked device.

If all deals follow through, Apple could possibly become the top player in the cloud music wars, signing the top four music labels in the industry. It is not confirmed yet if Apple will charge a subscription fee or even if users will like using the cloud.