Some screenshots showing the upcoming Apple TV and Music apps for the Mac have leaked online, showing how the two new Mac apps look like and what similarities they have with their mobile counterparts on iOS.

The screenshots, as seen via 9To5Mac, reveal two new apps that feature a similar design language. These screenshots, the site said, are not mockups but are rather legitimate screenshots leaked by sources that worked on the apps’ development and chose to have their names kept private.


First, the similarities. Both the Apple TV and Music apps for Mac feature similarities in terms of look. Both apps feature a gray sidebar where the content sections are listed, and a large area for the actual content on the right.

Both apps also feature colored sidebar icons, although the colors depend on the app being used. All icons have a drop shadow and feature a continuous color gradient starting from the topmost icon going down to the last icon at the bottom of the list. This is a welcome change from the monochrome icons featured in older macOS versions.

iTunes Reuters/Mike Segar

Individual features

Now, the individual features. The new Apple TV app separates the user’s local library from content available online in the same way the new Books app does.

Located on top is a toolbar where sections -- “Watch Now,” “Movies,” “TV Shows,” “Kids,” and “Library” -- are found. Clicking on the respective button takes users to these sections. Each section has a corresponding sidebar where content are divided into more classifications.

The new Music app, on the other hand, looks like it is based on the iTunes app. The sidebar has been updated to feature the search bar, and also combines both the user’s local Music library and the music available from Apple Music categories online.

Users can browse music online through the “For You” and “Radio” categories through the sidebar, and will be able to see details and more via a large space to the right of the sidebar.

The Apple TV app icons appear to have icons colored in shades of blue, while icons on the Music app feature shades of red.

Apple is set to announce the new macOS 10.15 during WWDC this year. Stay tuned for more updates.