A price war in the streaming market is on the anvil after Apple announced its pricing plans for the upcoming Apple TV+ on Tuesday.

While Apple is making the debut in early November, Disney Plus is coming on Nov. 12 at a monthly subscription bordering $7 with a vast library of movies and shows.

The Apple news says the monthly charges will be $4.99 and a free one-year subscription will grace all customers buying any new Apple device. That means people buying new iPhone 11, Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac will be eligible for a free subscription for one year.

According to analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush, the Apple streaming price is a show stopper compared to Netflix's popular plan at $13 a month and Disney's service planning of $7 a month.

Ives says the installed base of 900 million active iPhones worldwide, will help Apple to add 100 million consumers on streaming in the next three to four years.

With Apple TV+ tariff revealed, the price list of competing services for a month will give consumers a broad idea of what to pick.

· Apple TV+ - $4.99

· ESPN+ - $4.99

· Hulu w/ ads - $5.99

· CBS All Access - $5.99

· Disney+ - $6.99

· Starz - $8.99

· Showtime - $10.99

· Hulu (no ads) - $ 11.99

· Netflix (most popular plan) - $12.99

· Amazon Prime Video - $12.99

· HBO - $14.99

Many other players are yet to announce their tariffs. For example, NBC Universal, the parent company of CNBC is yet to announce the price of its streaming service though it will be free for subscribers on a traditional pay-TV bundle.

In addition to pricing, Apple TV Plus will be offering the option to download originals to watch then offline. Apple TV Plus will have a seven-day free trial.

Taking a leaf from Netflix, Apple streaming will be without ads. Apple TV Plus will be available in more than 100 countries.

Disney’s program edge Vs Apple’s strengths

Having priced at nearly $5 Apple TV Plus has surprised the market.

Disney+ at $6.99 per month includes four simultaneous streams plus UHD resolution and HDR. Its annual pricing will be $69.99 with a discount of $13.89.

Apple logo 1
Pictured: The Apple logo is seen on the building of an Apple store in Beijing on Jan. 4, 2019 Getty Images/Nicolas Asfouri

Disney+ is likely to have the historic edge of having hard to find shows that people loved for years in its repertoire. They include retro classics like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the Seven Dwarfs. This is an addition to hot favorites like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Goofy.

In contrast, Apple TV Plus will dominate with new originals and may look light on long-loved characters. But Apple's platter will be rich in kids' shows in terms of Snoopy and Sesame Street.

Disney’s bundling strategy is significant

Disney had caught the imagination by a bundle offer of Plus/Hulu/ESPN for $12.99 where Hulu will come as an ad-supported version.

It is unknown whether Apple will go for a package on Apple TV Plus by combining other products such as Apple News Plus and Apple Music to create a discounted bundle like Disney Plus packaged with Hulu and ESPN Plus.

It seems in the battle between Apple and Disney at the streaming front, the narrow price gap will not be a restraining factor as both are strong on their respective strengths

Apple stock was up 1.18 percent during after-hours trading on Tuesday.