The Apple Watch 2 is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and other products the Cupertino giant is launching during its Sept 7. media event. A day prior Apple’s big event, however, UK-based repair shop Byte released its final video leaks of the wearable to show off its components and internals and compare them to those of the original Apple Watch device.

In the latest video clip Byte uploaded on its YouTube channel, the display component of the Apple Watch 2 could be seen getting disassembled to confirm that the display is “incredibly thin” and even the “most advanced display of its kind,” as per Apple Insider.

Measuring the display using a digital micrometer, the presenter of the video finds out in the clip that the thickness of the LCD is 0.4 mm, while the thickness of the display assembly — which includes the circuitry — is 0.71 mm.

MacRumors also points out that in the teardown clip, it is noticeable that the NXP NFC chip is already incorporated into the Apple Watch 2 display, unlike before when it was built as a separate component for the first-generation Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, Byte delves into the specifics of the Apple Watch 2 components and internals in the other video clip it posted on Tuesday. Titled “Final Leaks, Measurements and Case Pictures for Apple Watch 2,” Byte’s presenter could be seen measuring the different parts of the upcoming smartwatch and comparing them to the specifications of its predecessor’s components.

Comparing the height and width of the devices’ displays, MacRumors — in a separate report — states that the new timepiece’s 42 mm model’s display measures 39.47 mm long and 33.43 mm wide. On the other hand, the Apple Watch’s measurements are revealed to be 38.74 mm long and 32.65 mm wide.

When it comes to the differences in the smartwatches’ batteries, Apple Watch 2’s battery is found to be thicker at 5.11 mm, as opposed to the first-generation device’s 3.95 mm thick battery. On the contrary, the differences in their length and width are very minimal.

The new clips come six days after the British shop released its initial video showing the general differences between the internals of the Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Watch. In the said video clip, Byte also presented the new Force Touch gasket of the new smartwatch, saying that it has a modified layout and a new chipset, as previously reported.

Apple fans will know more about the official specs and features of the Apple Watch 2 when the Cupertino giant introduces its new smartwatch this Wednesday, alongside its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets.