When it comes to launching new products, Apple has been known to introduce its latest devices at the same time every year. These include launches of the new iPad, iPhone and the Apple Watch and this year is expected to be no different from the last.

However, could there be a possibility that we’re actually not going to get an upgrade of the excellent Apple Watch? The Apple smartwatch is considered to be one of the Cupertino giant’s best selling devices so it would be a shame if the company doesn’t keep up with the momentum.

A report from 9to5Mac pointed out that it’s possible that there are no upgrades for the Series 4 this year. For starters, the last smartwatch is considered to be really good in terms of looks and features. It also performed well with the watchOS 6 software beta and recorded no slowing down or experienced glitches when the smartwatch ran on the operating system.

What’s more, the Apple Watch Series 4 was able to evolve upgrades that were initially meant for the Series 5 including the ECG function being available outside of the U.S. But in the last couple of months, the Series 4 was able to extend the function to other places around the globe. Not only that, but the Series 3 was also able to remain significant even with all the Series 4 updates.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is considered to be the first Apple smartwatch which offered optional cellular connectivity making it one of the most powerful contenders in the smartwatch market.

Next, the Apple Watch Series 5 won’t have any groundbreaking changes in terms of hardware, except if Apple decides that they are going for a ceramic version again this time.

The supposed upcoming smartwatch is expected to be a powerful health tool with functions like the Cycles App to help women keep track of their menstrual cycle and can help those with fertility problems as well. There’s also the Noise App which can determine if an area is too noisy especially for people with sensitive hearing. Of course, the ECG function is still there, which is an excellent function for people with a heart condition.

Some also expect the Apple Watch 5 to offer other health benefits such as measuring glucose level and one’s blood pressure. The sleep tracking function, which is now available in competing smartwatches, is one of the features that Apple Watch users are also looking forward to but might not be available yet this year.

All of these upgrades, however, can be made available to the Apple Watch Series 4 once the watchOS 6 drops so perhaps a new device is not needed at the moment. At any rate, whether Apple pushes through with the Series 5 this year or not, the watchOS smartwatch is sure to remain one of the best-selling wearable techs in the market.

Apple Watch stage
Equipped with fall-detection and ECG capabilities, another Apple Watch feature saved a woman from sexual assault. AFP/Getty Images/Noah Berger