• Several iPhone users complained that the batteries on their handsets drain quickly
  • The problem, they said, started after they updated to iOS 13.3.1
  • Apple temporarily shut the Support page down to "update" it

Apple recently released iOS 13.3.1, the latest operating system version running the iPhone. Along with a slew of fixes and added features comes a major problem that has irked some consumers.

iPhoneHacks reported that according to people posting in the Apple forums and Reddit, the batteries on their iPhones drained faster than before since updating to the latest iOS version.

“After updating to iOS 13.3.1 on my iPhone 7, its battery is draining very quickly. Battery is draining in such a way that it feels like something is constantly running in the background, such as uploading data into cloud, but actually nothing is running in the background,” a user posted in Reddit.

Some might say that the issue could be due to the fact that the poster is using an older model, but it's not. Several other users who claimed to use different iPhone models report that the same problem happened to their handsets, whether the model is new or not.

“I'm in the process of backing up my XS MAX to my pc, to fully reset. but since updating my XS MAX battery life is considerably worse,” another iPhone user posted.

“Yes, the same on iPhone X!” said another.

To date, forum posts reveal that the problem has affected other iPhone models such as the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 11 Pro. Some of them claim that the device “randomly” loses a substantial amount within a short period of time (20 percent lost within 5 minutes of use, for example). Some lost it gradually, even if the phone had no activity whatsoever.

A battery life test conducted days after the iOS version was released found that iOS 13.3.1 does not bring any improvements when it comes to battery performance. The complaints about it, however, reveal that it didn't do anything good for the iPhone's battery.

As of now, Apple's Support page related to the iOS 13.3.1 battery drain problem is temporarily down. The page is being updated and will be up and running “shortly,” the company said. Apple's findings, fixes and comments about the matter remains to be seen at a later, undetermined time.

Apple's iPhone X Irina Iriser/