Apple's next iPhone lineup is expected to be sold at higher prices compared to the tech giant's current flagship lineup, the iPhone 11 series, a report says.

According to a research note from prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, next year's iPhones can cost way more than this year's iPhone 11 series of handsets. This is because the cost of production is expected to increase as the popular handset is enhanced to have more features.

Kuo highlighted that next year's iPhones need to have a logic board that's 10% wider than the one currently used so that it can accommodate new technologies. Of course, this new board is expected to be more expensive: a wider logic board, along with new antenna technology designed for use with it, will require a 35% increase in production cost, Apple Insider noted.

The 35% increase in logic board production costs do not automatically translate to a 35% increase in iPhone prices. Although significant in function and cost, the logic board is but one of the components used in these devices. Other components – such as the A-series processor that will be used to power the devices, and the OLED display they are expected to use – are even more expensive.

A wider logic board will allow for heat dissipation needed by technologies related to 5G. It will also provide enough room for the circuitry and antenna technologies used for 5G.

Other components are expected to increase the prices of next year's Apple handsets. Kuo previously said the iPhone 12, as they are believed to be called, will feature a metal frame made using new materials, and using complex manufacturing processes. The frame is expected to have a complex segmentation design, and will be covered with a glass assembly reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

The analyst also said the 2020 iPhones will have an even better camera setup compared to the highly-acclaimed camera found in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. One new feature that could possibly be included in next year's handsets is a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. This sensor is expected to enhance the iPhones' AR capabilities.

A patent revealed that the upcoming iPhones might have a smaller camera bump compared to the one in current models. Apple plans to reduce that bump by using a new camera technology as well.

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