• Apple is reportedly knee-deep developing a secret initiative involving wireless technology and satellites
  • Apple is believed to be targeting to deploy this secret project within five years
  • Apple's intention for the project is unclear, but it could equip the company to transmit data straight to iPhone users without depending heavily on telecom networks

The Cupertino-based tech giant has a team of engineers working on a secret initiative involving wireless technology and satellites, says Bloomberg’s, Mark Gurman. The effort could someday make it possible for Apple to supply iPhone users with wireless and Internet services without heavily relying on telecommunication networks. The latest report, however, does not divulge details on how the Cupertino company plans to use this kind of technology.

Apple, according to the report, is planning to deploy the satellites in five years. Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly is personally invested in the secret project. It is worth noting, however, that the project is still in its early phases and may not reach fruition.

Apple’s secret project is currently headed by John Frenwick and Michael Trela. These two executives were previously working on satellite technology for the search engine giant before they moved to Apple. Previously, the initiative was led by Greg Duffy, who is the CEO and founder of the camera company Dropcam, which was acquired by Google five years ago, the report reveals.

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Moreover, Apple also hired big names in the wireless technology industry. This includes Matt Ettus, who is the founder of Ettus Research and Ashley Moore Williams of Aerospace Corp. If the initiative is not planning to develop its own satellite network to beam data to Apple devices, it fits Apple’s move of owning the end to end experience of consumers using its products, according to Business Insider.

The Cupertino company launched the Apple Card recently, which significantly contributes to this idea. It provides Apple with a more significant role in how consumers buy and pay for its products, aside from how consumers use them. Furthermore, the secret initiative hints that Apple is exploring new business segments that extend beyond the traditional consumer products the company is basically known for.

Earlier this year, several reports revealed that Apple is working on a wide range of new kinds of technologies. This includes self-driving car technology and augmented reality glasses. The latest report about Apple’s secret initiative underlines the possibility that like Google, Facebook, and other tech giants, it is betting on new technologies.