Magnetic lashes are a growing beauty trend because of the convenience they offer. Even with the many options for thickening one’s lashes, such as eyelash growth serums, curling techniques and extensions, applying falsies remains a method of choice for many beauty product enthusiasts, celebrities and makeup artists.

Magnetic lashes are a stepped-up version of the popular falsies and seeing how easy they are to apply, it’s not likely that this trend is going away anytime soon. However, the question is: are they safe?

Unlike the usual falsies that are stuck to your natural lash line using glue or tape, magnetic eyelashes are secured with tiny magnets. Here are five things you should know about this new accessory and how to use it. 

1. The lashes are typically made of real hair and have micro magnets which lock together and stay immovable along the lash line. It basically sandwiches the existing natural lashes between two magnetic strips. Once they’re on, they are practically locked in place, thus eliminating the pain of taking them out later on.

2. There is a learning curve at the start, so it might be quite a challenge when it’s your first few times applying them. If you are accustomed to using adhesive lashes, the method is a little different because you need to wait for a “click” to know that you have succeeded. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s not likely you’ll want to go back to using glue.

3. They are generally safe. Optometrist Mila Loussifova said that there’s really no cause for concern in using magnets near the eyes. It is even preferable because of the absence of glue, which can contain harmful ingredients. The FDA is also regulating falsies, extensions and the like, so be sure that the magnetic eyelash brand you choose has its seal of approval for quality and safety. 

4. No aftercare is needed. Once you’ve removed the magnetic lashes and stored them back into their case, you don’t need to spend time cleaning them. In fact, they can be worn several times without having to do any cleaning at all. Most brands also come with special cleansers that you can wipe them with easily to help extend their life. 

5. You’ll have to take them out if you’re going into magnet sensitive machines, like MRIs. Since magnetic lashes are a new trend, the technologist might not be aware that you’re using them, so be more mindful to avoid any problems.