An expert on space matters and a former British politician warned that a massive asteroid is guaranteed to hit Earth anytime. Once this happens, the expert noted that most life forms on the planet, including humans, will most likely get completely wiped out.

Lembit Opik, a former Member of Parliament in the U.K., is a current official of a micronation known as Asgardia. It was established with the goal of reaching outer space.

According to Opik, Earth is in constant danger of suffering a major asteroid impact. Although space agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have systems in place to track asteroids and protect the planet from impacts, these might not be enough to prevent a planet-killer from causing a mass-extinction event on Earth.

“We do have to protect the Earth and that’s because the chances of an impact, as I’ve said before, are large enough to wipe out the human race and most other forms of life,” Opik told Express. “It’s essentially 100 percent.”

“So, we’re looking out at the threats, not in at them, and that is a fundamental element in our value system,” he continued.

For Opik, the only way humans will be able to escape a major asteroid impact similar to the one that led to the extinction of dinosaurs will be to leave the planet entirely.

Leaving Earth and colonizing another planet such as Mars is the only way to avoid mass extinction.

“If we don’t bother going to space and living there, then we might as well not bother pretending that we want to continue to evolve and survive,” he said. “The late Professor Stephen Hawking, whom I was honored to know, said that we have to be able to live off Earth otherwise extinction is an inevitability.”

“There’s as 100 percent chance an object large enough to wipe out most or all of the human race will hit the Earth, we just don’t know when it’s going to happen,” he added.

Currently, NASA and the ESA have not yet detected an asteroid that’s big enough to destroy Earth. For now, the largest asteroid NASA’s collision monitoring system has identified spans about 4,265 feet wide. Although this asteroid is capable of taking out an entire city or even a state, it is not big enough to affect the entire planet.