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Hubble Captures Image Of Galaxy Formed By Cosmic Collision

The Hubble Space Telescope captured an image of NGC 1614, a galaxy that was formed following a violent galactic collision and merger. This is located in the constellation Eridanus and lies about 211 million light-years away from Earth’s neighborhood.


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Naenka Runner Diver Bone Conduction Headphones Hands-on Review: Swimming in Music

There are circumstances where personal audio is not common, and doing laps in the swimming pool is one of them. Sure there are those who find the underwater ambience therapeutic, a time where they can spend with their thoughts. But what about for those of us who want some input and companionship in our ears? Can the Naenka Runner Diver Bone Conduction Headphones address common issues faced with underwater headphones? Let's (literally) dive in to find out.