AT&T Inc, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, on Friday said it played no role in a decision by Apple Inc to reject Google Inc's voice application on the popular handset.

Let me state unequivocally, AT&T had no role in any decision by Apple to not accept the Google Voice application for inclusion in the Apple App Store, said Jim Cicconi, AT&T senior executive vice president for external and legislative affairs.

AT&T was not asked about the matter by Apple at any time, nor did it offer any view one way or the other, Cicconi said in a statement, accompanying a response to a regulatory inquiry into the rejection of Google's voice application by Apple.

Regulators at the Federal Communications Commission on July 31 sent letters to the three companies seeking additional information over the matter. Responses were due Friday.

(Reporting by John Poirier and Sinead Carew; Editing by Gary Hill)