Sydney's Totem of Growth
The sails of the Sydney Opera House are lit with artwork "La Macula" by French collective Superbien during the Vivid festival in central Sydney in May. The opera house has been a totem of growth and progress in Australia. More infrastructure projects are deemed necessary for the state. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

A picture of the famous Sydney Opera House has been published on the website of a Jihadist magazine, reportedly linked to Al-Qaeda, raising serious concerns over the safety of the iconic landmark.

Police has expressed concern about its influence on the local Islamic community. However, they are still unclear about the significance of the Sydney Opera House picture appearing in the latest issue of Inspire, an English-language magazine dealing with bomb-making, which is published by associates of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

According to an official, the Opera House appearing in the magazine's regular bomb-making section would not make any changes in the nation's terror threat level.

I have been advised this publication does not represent any change to the extent of the terrorist threat within Australia, Attorney General Robert McClelland said in a statement. And I am advised it has not been accompanied by any specific threat in Australia or to Australian citizens.

According to media reports, Australia's National Terrorism Alert Level currently sits at medium, meaning a terrorist attack could occur. The terrorism alert level is at the same level since 2001.

The bomb-making section in the magazine is described as a resource manual for those who loathe the tyrants; includes bomb-making techniques; security measures, guerrilla tactics, weapons training and all other jihad-related activities.

The image of the Sydney Opera House appears with a title, Open Source Jihad and words that read: In this section: Training with AK (Part 3) Making Acetone Peroxide.