A bacterium found in baby bubble bath has prompted a recall by Babyganics.

The company is pulling back its babyganics 20-ounce chamomile verbena bubble bath because it could be contaminated with Pluralibacter gergoviae – a bacterium that can cause infection, especially to those who are immunocompromised or have broken or irritated skin such as baby with diaper rash.

According to the recall notice, Pluralibacter gergoviae typically does not cause healthy people to become sick. However, consumers who have come in contact with the product and don’t feel well should contact their healthcare provider, the company said.

The recall affects two lots of 20-ounce bottles of the bubble bath, which were found to be contaminated with the bacterium. The product has a UPC code of 8 13277 01375 4 and lot codes of Y314 and Y315 located at the bottom of the packaging.

The contaminated bubble bath can be identified by its white plastic bottle and green lid. It was sold over the last two months at select retailers across the U.S.

No other Babyganics products are affected by the recall, the company said.

Consumers can receive a full refund of the recalled bubble bath after submitting their product and contact information at babyganicsbubblebathrecall.com. Here, customers will also receive instructions on how to safely dispose of the product immediately.

Questions about the recall can be directed to Babyganics health and safety team 24/7 at 833-359-6304.

In a statement about the recall, the company said on its website, “ Your family’s health and safety, and your peace of mind, are our top priorities. We know we’ve let you down. We’re taking all necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

representational image pixabay