(Photo credit: ABC via Facebook)

The latest season of The Bachelor has proved to be quite the doozy, with several contestants focusing more on one of their own -- the polarizing Courtney Robertson -- and not always so much on the man of the hour: Ben Flajnik.

One person who has gotten in on The Bachelor action is comedian and television personality Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host has released a couple of videos in which she's inserted herself into the drama.

I really did come here to make friends, she said in one video. I was not here for Ben. I mean, let's face it. I was here for the girls.

DeGeneres used a clip in which the show's host, Chris Harrison, asked about family to bring up her own wife, actress Portia de Rossi: Well, I can tell you that Portia is a little upset because she thought I was going to be on 'The Amazing Race.'

In another video, she talked about the benefits of being on the show -- all while slurping down various drinks: I mean, we've gotten to travel, which is wonderful. To travel the world, to be able to say you've been to...where are we now?

She later downed a shot of alcohol and made an activity suggestion.

Why don't we just go pick some more roses? she said. Why don't we just add roses to the table?

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