A Far West League matchup between the Humboldt Crabs and the California Warriors took a wild turn when a batter who had been struck in the head with a pitch retaliated by throwing his bat at the offending pitcher.

The incident occurred during last Saturday’s game between the Crabs and Warriors, each of which play in the Far West League, a summer league for college baseball players, Deadspin reports. Warriors pitcher Michael Peterson beaned Crabs batter Sergio Sanchez in the head with a pitcher, prompting a furious Sanchez to throw his bat toward the mound.

Peterson had already thrown two wild pitches during the at-bat before drilling him in the head with a third pitch, Yahoo Sports reports. In a viral video of the incident, Sanchez can be seen throwing his bat toward Peterson, sparking a bench-clearing brawl between the two Far West League teams. Both Peterson and Sanchez were ejected from the game.

For Sanchez, getting drilled by an opposing pitcher’s fastball is nothing new. A tweet posted to the Humboldt Crabs’ Twitter account revealed that Sanchez has been beaned 13 times this season.

According to Deadspin, the Far West League is a summer league designed to give college baseball players, who normally use metal bats, a chance to acclimate themselves to the use of wood bats. Needless to say, Sanchez’s bat-throwing incident is not what the league had in mind.

Still, the Crabs didn’t dwell on the bench-clearing brawl for too long. The squad rallied on Sunday to win their third consecutive Far West League title, Deadspin reports.

When he isn't throwing bats in the Far West League, Sanchez players catcher for Faulkner University, a Christian college in Alabama, Yahoo Sports reports. Meanwhile, Peterson plays for West Valley College in Saratoga, Calif., and has twice been drafted by MLB teams. He chose to remain in college each time.

The viral video of Sanchez’s bat-throw can be viewed below. The video contains some graphic language.